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  • Правителството даде заден ход за новата концесия за Банско. Засега...*

    Не желая да взимам решения на инат и в търсенето на баланс оттеглям промяната в концесионния договор, заяви екоминистърът Нено Димов
    13 Декември 2017, 08:00
  • (DF) Environment Minister Withdraws Government-proposed Revision to Concession Contract for Bansko Ski Area

    December 12 (BTA) - Environment and Water Minister Neno Dimov Tuesday told an extraordinary news conference that he had withdrawn from the Council of Ministers a Government-propoped draft additional agreement to the existing concession contract for the Bansko ski area.
    13 Декември 2017, 08:00
  • Нено Димов: Лифтовият транспорт в Пирин е по-екологичен от автобусния

    Министърът участва в кръгла маса за проектите за Национален парк "Пирин" и "Ски зона Банско", която част от еколозите бойкотираха
    12 Декември 2017, 08:00
  • (DF) Defence Ministry Announces Public Procurement Procedure for Maintenance of Soviet-era MiGs

    December 11 (BTA) - The Defence Ministry has opened a public procurement procedure for awarding a contract for integrated logistical support for 15 Soviet-era MiG-29 fighter aircraft for a period of four years. The projected cost is up to 81,294,416 leva, excluding VAT. The decision was made on december 6 and published by the Ministry late last week.
    12 Декември 2017, 08:00
  • (DF) Health Minister Ananiev: Bulgaria Uses Newest Medicines in Treatment of All Conditions

    December 10 (BTA) - "Bulgaria's positive drug list is one of the broadest and includes drugs with proven therapeutic effects. All conditions are treated with the most modern medicines used in Europe and the world," Health Minister Kiril Ananiev told a news briefing on Saturday. The Health Ministry specified that the news briefing had been prompted by Saturday's protest of patient organizations and a presidential veto over parts of the 2018 Healthcare Budget Act. Under paragraph 6, the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) will not reimburse any medicinal products with a new International Nonproprietary Name whose inclusion in the Positive Drug List has been applied for or any such medicines which will be reimbursable for the first time in 2018d. The Positive Drug List comprises all medicines used in state-financed health facilities and programmes or covered in whole or in part by the NHIF. According to the head of State, the challenged texts create different treatment of the insured persons and affect a major constitutional right which guarantees accessible medical care to the citizens. Minister Ananiev said that in TV footage of the protest he noticed among the few protesters that many were people who were regulars at all protests regardless of the topic. According to him, this shows that the protest had been staged. The Minister would not comment on the presence of National Ombudsman Maya Manolova at the protest. Together with another two women Manolova held a poster that read: "Bulgaria Has Signed the Patients' Rights Charter. Patients Have a Right to Innovations. Children and Diabetes Patients Urge You not To Trample on That!" Ananiev called "unserious" the motives of the President that without the new molecular entities the constitutional rights of Bulgarians are not guaranteed. The Health Minister added that 30 per cent of healthcare expenditures in Bulgaria go towards drugs compared with between 15 and 20 per cent in other EU countries. Ananiev said that his European counterparts had commended the Bulgarian positive drug list for the many medicines and the quick pace of adoption of new molecular entities. However, he said that a balance should be sought as not always new molecular entities had a beneficial effect on the treatment of patients.
    11 Декември 2017, 08:00
  • Гърците, предлагащи краткосрочни наеми, попаднаха под контрола на данъчните власти

    Собствениците на имоти вече ще трябва да декларадират доходите си от краткосрочното им отдаване под наем
    10 Декември 2017, 08:00
  • (DF) Quadrilateral Balkan Summit Discusses Smart, Predictable and Developing Region

    December 9 (BTA special correspondent Antoan Nikolov) - The prime ministers of Bulgaria, Greece and Romania - Boyko Borissov, Alexis Tsipras and Mihai Tudose, and Serbian President Aleksanadar Vucic agreed here on Saturday to have smart, predictable and developing Balkans. The four met as part of a High-Level Cooperation Council between their countries which started here Friday, the Bulgarian Cabinet's press service reported. The upcoming Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU and its importance for the Balkans was in the focus of talks. Prime Minister Borissov recalled that in the past, this region has generated only wars and tension, while now is the time for all Balkan countries to show that these problems a thing of the past. The four leaders met two months after their first round of talks in the Bulgarian seaside city of Varna to discuss economic cooperation, regional stability, and support for the integration of the countries in the region. During the meeting on Saturday, Borissov said he is optimistic and believes that Serbia will cut short the deadlines for its EU accession, which he believes will contribute to the whole region's development. "We want a united Balkans and no roaming charges," he said. According to him, the Balkans are burdened by history, conflicts and bloodshed, but it is time to forget about this and focus on improving people's lives and catching up. "We are not just geographically part of Europe, we all must not generate problems. We must show wisdom and that we have learned our lessons," the Bulgarian Prime Minister further commented. Borissov noted that the Western Balkan countries must develop their infrastructure, including communications and Internet connections. He recalled that Sofia is to host a 16+1 meeting with China next year, during which some infrastructure projects can be presented and get financing. "What we are offering, in terms of new and modern infrastructure, will help the people. Where there is construction, there are no wars," he noted. Serbian President Vucic noted that a new quadrilateral meeting is to be held in Romania. Trade between the four countries has increased, he said, voicing hope that it will further grow. The political meetings are showing results. If the countries from the Western Balkans stand together, there will be fewer external threats and challenges, the Serbian head of State said. Serbia's EU integration was supported by the leaders of Bulgaria, Greece and Romania. All four have agreed to hold the next quadrilateral meeting in the Romanian capital of Bucharest next March. Tsipras noted that cooperation, solidarity and observing international agreements will allow prosperity, peaceful coexistence, growth and development. He described the Treaty of Lausanne as a cornerstone for the Balkans. "Within such a framework for cooperation, the Bulgarian EU Presidency, which we believe will be a Balkan one, will allow us to promote common ideas and values," Tsipras said. According to the Greek Prime Minister, Greece, Romania and Serbia could play an exceptionally important role for the whole Balkan region's development. He said that the gas interconnector between Bulgaria and Greece was also discussed during the meeting. Romanian Prime Minister Tudose noted that all four countries have their challenges, but there is not a problem that cannot be solved. He added that the four leaders have discussed the possibility of meeting on a more regular basis, which will lead to important and positive decisions about the region's future. Bulgaria and Serbia signed here on Saturday a Memorandum on reducing international roaming charges in the two countries, with the changes expected to take effect within three to six months. The document was signed by Bulgarian Minister of Transport Information Technology and Communications Ivaylo Moskovski and his Serbian counterpart Rasim Ljajic as part of the high-level meeting. Serbia is the second Western Balkan country with which Bulgaria has signed such an agreement. Bulgaria and Macedonia concluded a similar accord less than a month ago. The abolition of roaming charges between the Western Balkan countries and the EU is among the priorities of the Bulgarian government and of Mariya Gabriel, the Bulgarian member of the European Commission who is in charge of Digital Economy and Society. It is part of the measures to upgrade connectivity in the region at all levels, which will have a direct impact on individuals and businesses.
    10 Декември 2017, 08:00
  • Инспекцията по труда провери почти 5 хил. строителни фирми през 2017 г.

    Секторът продължава да е един от най-рисковите по отношение на трудовия травматизъм
    09 Декември 2017, 08:00
  • (DF) President Vetoes Texts of NHIF Budget for 2018

    December 8 (BTA) - President Rumen Radev imposed a veto on paragraph 6 of the Transitional and Final Provisions of the 2018 National Health Insurance Fund Act under which the NHIF will not reimburse any medicinal products with a new International Nonproprietary Name whose inclusion in the Positive Drug List has been applied for or any such medicines which will be reimbursable for the first time in 2018, the President's Press Secretariat said. The Positive Drug List comprises all medicines used in State-financed health facilities and programmes or covered in whole or in part by the NHIF.
    09 Декември 2017, 08:00
  • WeWork ще стане най-големия частен наемател на офиси в Лондон

    Компанията става все по-важна за пазара на офис площи в британската столица, но и много уязвима на сътресения заради Brexit
    08 Декември 2017, 08:00