About This Project

About this projecТ

Hello I am Radoslav Gluhov -owner of Paragon Ltd and welcome to the new development of “Paragon” – Paragon Real Estate services, which is visible to the customers speak Bulgarian, English.

 After several months of hard work on the further development of software platform backed by a foreign software company leader in the development  of database platforms, personally purchased the program with lifetime license and made additional changes.
            I am ready to present a satisfactory solution and convenience for you in the field ofreal estate services.
 I want to thank my good friend Nikolai – “Web & Java developer” in Gabrovo known computer company that proved to me the necessary assistance in the installation tips and tricks for software to achieve the new vision of the site Paragon.
In this paper Paragon Real Estate services will not only submit proposals to the Agency, but will allow property owners to publish offers and agencies and brokers agencies members of the trade organization “Association of Realtors” in Bulgaria.
I’ve tried to develop a Bulgarian version of the product, as well as additional features and options typical for Bulgarian users related to my long practice and as a staunch supporter of the latest technologies and methods of visualization of real estate.
My effort was not to impress you with a unique design , and you create a convenient means by which to find the property that suits you, find their buyers or offers to rent short or long term property.
One of the biggest advantages of the new platform is the registration of you to take advantage of the full capabilities of this site:
-to keep demand from your favorite properties
-to save the settings to find property
-to have your own mail to contact the broker or agency fee directly with the owner
-to share the ad with your relatives, friends or in social networks
-to send Liked offer you mail to a friend
Let us consider a fund a mental new development
On the home page at the top you have the ability to change the language, currency or add new offer after registration
In slider to Panorama and short form quick search you have the following options.
-only by typing the text you are searching for town, village or neighborhood – eg “Borovo””Center,” Industrial Zone “Bojentsi” or other automatic will get a few options and then clicking on “search” you will find all offers in the neighborhood, village or town,
-if mark the top with buttons type your search, and from the drop down menu you can select either the general category of property or a specific category and you will find a button looking example all apartments in tabular form on a new page.
You can choose a property and the group of our recommended properties in certain specified criteria in the fields below thumbnails
On the first page we have added the latest news, recently introduced properties for sale and rent.
Of our information pages at the bottom of the home page you can get more information about us, how to find us, our professional history, qualifications and basic principles ofservices.
In future update page useful to you, even though every literate client can now obtain information alone, but we will try to introduce it to you in a synthesized and intelligible form.
Let’s pop to the next page
Without him think very boldly press the big button [SEARCH] will get into full bid sheets, and here is already more than comfortable and interesting opportunities to choose their own indicators for quick search. If you are a registered user, you can save these indicators
Detailed selection can do in the search form on the left side of the page.
Select the type of ad and the category you are searching for property, price, bedrooms, garages and area with sliders and use the search button.
Here we have concrete offers tabulated with information, pictures and price, and where ads are concentrated on a small card marked in right. You can change the view by sorting by price, date of update, rating, review and more.
By clicking the icon above the map, all offers will be shown on the new larger card.
This is a great way to choose a quiet place and just selected offer. The location of each property is entered correctly for your information and hope you do not abuse it.
Once you get the search results you can easily change the criteria after removing them from the top of the form.
Another way to quickly locate the property is if you know the numbers in advance and offer you the small search form on the left below and click search.
 Already chosen to examine in detail the property.
 What are you submitted:
-total vision and menus on the site with brief information about the properties in seven languages: Bulgarian, English 
, detailed information about the property in three  languages: Bulgarian, English  
-SO information with photos
-Location map
-about view from the street and the surrounding area of the property
-Ability to add a route map view
In the new offer to add more
-view tour
-documents and others.
Above photos of the property have a real choice to save to favorites, export offer in PDF format to print, share on social networks or with a friend to do it for review or to report irregularities. These benefits are only available to registered users who can take advantage of the full capabilities of this site.
Under the offer is possible to find similar properties that may also interest you.
We tried to help you calculate approximately their contributions to the all edged loan to purchase your dream property to generate a repayment plan for the period of payment and clear final value of the credits. It is desirable to specify the annual percentage rate, which is a component of the interest rate and any other fees that banks involved in the loan. If the number is not rounded use the separator “.” / point /.
It will be useful if properly fill out questions of the survey site, the results of which will direct you as to the real estate market and our overall statistics in the property market
Our new project is developed entirely at the service of users of our services will endeavor to correct us.
Once acquainted with our offers are waiting for you in our office for further information, the contract for the provision of services and establishment of a convenient plan view live you are interested in offers
I wish success to all new, existing and old customers of Real Estate “Paragon” with our new product Paragon Real Estate services.

Our agency fee is 3% of the purchase price, subject to a minimum of Euro 800 (Please note: In Bulgaria it is standard practice for the buyer to pay agency fees)

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