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Terms of use

Terms of Use for Sites and as well as mobile versions of and
Terms of Use
Actuality: 25.05.2018
This document (the "Terms") contains the Terms of Use of the PARAGON property and as well as the mobile versions of and (the "Site"). Please read them carefully. By using the site, you agree to these Terms.
In connection with the Services provided, PARAGON Ltd. (PARAGON) processes personal data pursuant to the Privacy Policy by submitting an advertisement on the Site, you agree to the Terms of Service, part of the Terms.
1. General considerations
1.1. PARAGON Ltd. with address of address Gabrovo, 57 Nikolaos Voynovski Str., UIC: 107537915 provides to customers ("Clients", "Users") through the website information services ("Services") , related to the search and supply of real estate ("Offers") and real estate transactions.
1.2. To use the Services, you warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and you are capable of entering into a contract under the terms and conditions set forth herein.
1.3. The site provides an information array with electronic records ("offers to offer" and "search queries" of real estate), own and foreign materials in the form of articles and news, images, graphic images, other materials related to the subject matter of the PARAGON.
1.4. Offers for offers and searches for real estate searches are collected, processed and entered in a database by the PARAGON administrator as well as by third parties by the private forms provided for submitting private ads.
1.5. The information is provided by the PARAGON Customers on the occasion of the PARAGON's brokerage activity in carrying out real estate transactions.
2. Responsibilities
2.1. Paragon strives to maintain accurate and up-to-date information on the sites, but due to the fact that the information is provided by third parties under their sole responsibility, the users of the Site agree that maintaining the most accurate and up-to-date information is not always possible. Therefore, PARAGON assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information and the Service, and reserves the right to submit corrected information to the user upon a specific request.
2.2. You (as a User) are obliged to provide correct data when using the services in connection with the filling in of the contact forms on the Site. In the event of data inaccuracies, you may not use the Services until it is removed.
2.3. By filling out any of the contact forms on the site, by pressing the SEND button, you agree to the Terms and Conditions, expressly agreeing to contact you on the specified phone, and to receive emails from PARAGON in the form of email and SMS. In any email sent to you, you have the option to opt out of receiving emails. If you do not wish to receive SMS messages on your phone, you must do so by calling 066 860007 on weekdays between 09.00 and 18.00.
2.4. Real estate prices announced on the site most often can be changed and do not give rise to a binding offer for a real estate deal.
2.5. The site allows for the publication of real estate search and supply listings. Announcements and their content must comply with the Terms of Service.
2.6. PARAGON assumes no liability for any loss, damage, damages, adverse effects and lost profits in connection with the use of the site.
2.7. You may not use in any way, copy, modify or distribute content that does not belong to you for purposes other than or incompatible with the use of the Services and the use of the Site without the prior written consent of PARAGON and / or third parties concerned.
3. Right to change
3.1. PARAGON reserves the right to add new services, actions and rules to use the Site, to alter or remove existing ones, without the need for prior warning or consent of users.
3.2. These terms may be changed in connection with a change or termination of existing services or legislative changes. When making changes, they will be reduced to your knowledge and published here.
3.3. Because the Services may only be used under these Terms and Conditions, in case you disagree with them, you should not use the Site.
4. Property rights
4.1. All information from the PARAGON database including offers for offers and queries for real estate searches (including text content, images, graphics, photos, files, etc.) is owned by PARAGON Ltd.
4.2. Disposition of property rights is subject to the express written consent of PARAGON.

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